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Moving Your Company To A Different Building: Three Tips

by Ricardo Hart

When your business has outgrown its current building, it's natural that you'll seek to find new offices in the area. Once you've found a location that suits the needs of your growing business, you might become concerned about moving everything in the building to another place. However, if you can take action with the following suggestions, you can get your new offices set up without much trouble.

Only Transport Essentials

Before you move, it's a smart idea to assess your equipment and start thinking about what needs to be transported to the new building and what doesn't. If your conference room furniture will be replaced within a few weeks, for example, you might opt to sell or donate it to another group instead of having it take up space in a moving truck. If you have broken computers or printers in the building that you meant to have repaired but never got around to it, you may choose not to take those as well.

This can even be a good time to upgrade your filing system; if you currently use paper files, you might consider scanning documents before your move so that you can transfer them to CDs or USB sticks. That way, employees won't have to move large stacks of folders and you'll have more space in your new location.

Transport Electronics First

If your business functions the way that many businesses do, you rely heavily on your office phones and computers. To keep work delays to a minimum, pack up those items first and get them to your new building right away. As other items are transported, your employees can be working on setting up the different devices so that your company can start handling business again as soon as possible.

Send a Few Employees Ahead

To make sure that everything ends up in the right spot, it's wise to send a few people over to the new place ahead of time to meet the moving trucks as they arrive. They can direct moving staff and communicate with those in the current building about any questions or problems. Leaving employees behind at the current location will ensure that nothing is left behind and that everything left is clean and orderly.

Any move comes with some stress, but if you utilize the tips given above, you should be able to move your company in a more relaxed way. Check with your moving company for more ideas.