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3 Tips To Help You Rent The Cheapest Box Truck

by Ricardo Hart

Having access to a truck can make moving large objects a lot easier, but many consumers don't own a truck. Fortunately, there are rental companies willing to loan out box trucks that can accommodate a large volume of items in a single load.

If you are planning on moving in the near future, then investing in the rental of a box truck could be beneficial. Here are three tips you can use to ensure you get the best possible rate on your box truck.

1. Rent the smallest truck possible. 

Box trucks come in many different sizes, with the rental prices associated with these trucks increasing as the size of the truck increases. If you want a simple way to cut your truck-rental costs, taking the time to calculate the amount of space you will need to move your items can be beneficial.

A good rule of thumb to follow when determining the right size box truck to invest in for your upcoming move is to allot three cubic feet of space for every room you will be moving. Multiply the number of rooms in your current home by three, and you will have an approximate size for the moving truck that will be best suited to meet your needs.

2. Pay off your parking tickets on time.

Many drivers will receive a parking ticket at some point during their lifetime. Leaving these parking tickets unpaid could jeopardize your ability to obtain an affordable box truck when you need to move. Unpaid parking tickets could result in the accumulation of fines, the issuance of a bench warrant, and even the revocation or suspension of your driver's license.

Since a rental company will take your driving history into account when determining rental rates, you may have to pay more if the company feels your unpaid parking tickets are indicative of your poor driving habits. Paying off parking tickets on time will show a rental company you are responsible, allowing you to qualify for a reduced rate on your box truck rental.

3. Plan your move for a low-demand day.

When the demand for box trucks is high, you will find that the rates associated with renting one of these trucks can increase. By planning your move for a low-demand day, you will be able to secure the most affordable rate possible.

Many people make plans to move over a weekend in order to minimize the number of days they must take off work. If you can move during the week instead, you might find that the rental rates for box trucks in your area are much lower.

Investing in the rental of a box truck can make your move more convenient. Reduce your truck-rental costs by calculating your space needs, paying off parking tickets, and moving during the week.