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Bunking Up Storage? Think Again. Four Reasons to Rent Your Own Storage Unit

by Ricardo Hart

If you are trying to save on costs when it comes to storage, you might think about bunking up your storage with a friend in their storage unit. While this might look like it saves you money on paper, this decision might end up costing you more than you think in the long run. Here are four reasons you might want to steer clear of sharing storage and just go ahead and rent out your own storage unit.

1. If You and Your Significant Other Break Up

Even if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend don't live together, you might think it's a step in the right direction to share a storage unit. The thing is, if you break up or hit a rough patch, your items will be vulnerable and can be at the mercy of someone else. A break up will be even more uncomfortable if you are forced keep a unit with someone you are no longer with because of a signed contract.

2. If Your Friend Moves Away or Flakes on Payments

If you want to share a storage unit with your college pal or best friend, this might seem like a way to save on costs, but you might get stuck with the bill if it is in your name. If your friend moves to a new town or goes traveling, you might be left with their things and also paying for your shared unit in full. It might be best to rent your own smaller unit that can fit your items and not extend the use of your unit to others.

3. If There Are Strings Attached with Storing at a Loved One's Home

You might think that storing your items with a loved one is a cheaper option than renting out a storage unit, but this can come with its own limitations. If your loved ones have kids or pets, your items might not be as safe as you would like and might get damaged. If your loved one sees the use of their storage as a favor, this option might come with an expiration date.

4. If You Have to Deal with a Break-in

It can be hard to deal with a storage unit break-in on your own, but sharing a space can make insurance claims tricky. Storage units can get disorganized, which might make it hard to assess what is missing if items are stolen. If you are the only one with a key to your stored items, this can make storage break-in fallout much more cut and dry.

Having a storage space that can only be accessed by you can keep your items safe and private. The few dollars you might save bunking up your storage needs with someone else might not be worth the perceived savings in the end. Talk to companies such as Gorst Self Storage to find out what kinds of rates and units they offer.