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Avoid These Three Mistakes When Purchasing A Pond Liner

by Ricardo Hart

If you are planning on installing a liner in your pond all on your own, make sure that you take caution to avoid these three rookie installation mistakes.

Mistake #1: Getting The Wrong Size

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when designing their own ponds is purchasing a liner that is the wrong size. If you have a hole dug, you need to measure the hole in both directions to determine how much liner you need. You also need to remember to add a couple of feet onto your measurements on all sides so that you have extra room to anchor and fix the liner. It is better to go bigger than smaller; if your liner is too big, you can just use the extra fabric to anchor your liner further.

Mistake #2: Not Protecting The Liner

Next, you need to make sure that you protect your liner. Make sure that your liner fits well within your pond. Be sure to add matting to the bottom of your liner so that it is weighted down and will not rip if you ever have to get inside of your pond for maintenance. Both concrete and sand are common matting materials used in ponds.

Mistake #3: Not Aerating The Pond

You need to make sure that you keep the water flowing in your pond. If the water is stagnating, toxic gases will build up inside of your pond. There are a few different ways you can aerate your pond. You can purchase and install an aerating device that will remove toxic gases from your pond and add in healthy gases, or you can add in a water fall to keep the water moving and fresh.

Mistake #4 Not Securing The Edges

Finally, it is vital that you secure the edges of your pond. After you put the liner in, you need some of it to go over the top of your pond. The first time that you fill your pond with water, the liner may stretch a little bit, so make sure that you have room for that to happen. You can secure the edge of the pond liner in a variety of ways. You can use steaks to nail down the liner, put rocks and sand around the edge of the pond to keep everything in place, or cement the edges of the liner so that it never moves.

Use the advice provided above to avoid making some of the biggest mistakes that people make the first time they install a pond liner on their own. Visit to learn more.