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4 Great Benefits Of Water Softeners

by Ricardo Hart

While some people have no issue drinking hard tap water, many others bemoan its disadvantages, especially the mineral taste that results from excess iron or calcium. But choosing soft water over hard water isn't simply a matter of deciding which is more palatable. There are several advantages to using a water softener at home, many of which are unknown to the average consumer. So take a look below at just four things you can benefit from by having a water softener installed.  

Reducing Water Heater Costs

If you live in a cold climate and use a lot of hot water in your home, you may be wondering how to reduce the cost of using your water heater each year. Fortunately, using a water softener is an easy and fairly inexpensive solution. A water heater that is protected by a softener can result in annual savings of anywhere from 22-29%

Easier Cleaning

A water softener isn't just a means to save money. In fact, you'll save a great deal of time as well, time that would be otherwise spent cleaning soap residue from silverware or clothes that you've already washed. Opting for soft water means that not only will the amount of post-wash residue decrease dramatically, but the amount of soap you have to use decreases as well.  

Longer Appliance Life

The same kind of residue that's easily visible on silverware and clothes also builds up in a place that is not so visible -- your home's plumbing. Over time, this presents much more of a problem than small spots on forks and spoons. Untreated, it can easily corrode pipes in just a couple of years, and prevent the plumbing system from working properly. One example of this that is particularly common is buildup in a bathroom shower head. A shower without a water softener will soon show signs of mineral deposits that can cause lower water pressure and make for an underwhelming shower with an unpredictable spray pattern. 

Better Hygiene

Beyond saving money and time, water softeners can have a noticeable effect on your everyday appearance as well. Using soft water to shower with results in cleaner hair and smoother skin than you otherwise might experience from hard water. This is especially true with softener systems that don't use sodium, as some people find that they're sensitive to any amount of sodium in the water. Regardless, a quality softener provides numerous advantages over hard water. Contact a local outlet, such as Olympic Springs Bottled Water, for further assistance.