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How To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Your Floors

by Ricardo Hart

If you have carpeting in your home, you know it's prone to spills and stains. Over time, these stains can soak deep into the fibers and backing of the carpet, creating an unsightly appearance that can be tough to remove. There are several different methods professional carpet cleaners use to get your floors looking new again. How they work to get the carpet clean can vary from the cleaning solutions they use to the method and tools used to get stains out. Read on to learn more about the different cleaning styles so you can decide which one will work best for your carpets.

Hot Water Extraction

This style of carpet cleaning uses a shampoo and hot water mixture to basically scrub your carpets clean. The cleaning solution and hot water are poured into the reservoir of a machine that sprays it directly onto your carpet and then immediately vacuums it out. This method works best for carpets that need a simple touch-up cleaning and you will need to wait for the carpets to fully dry before walking on them or putting the furniture back in place. 

Absorbent Pad

The absorbent pad carpet cleaning method is similar to that of a hard floor buffer machine. A chemical solution is applied to the surface of the carpet that starts to bubble up and bring stains to the surface. Once the solution begins to work, a machine that uses large absorbent pads is run over the carpet in a spinning motion. This method is highly effective at getting deeply penetrated stains out, however, if the machine operator presses too hard in some areas, it can cause big dips and dents in your floor.

Dry Extraction

Instead of using water, the dry extraction method uses a powdered chemical to lift stains out of the carpet without needing water. A machine brushes the dry solution deep into the carpet fibers to help activate its stain-removing properties. Dirt and debris bonds to the dry chemical and then the carpet cleaning technician vacuums it up. This is a good option if you don't have time to deal with waiting for carpets to dry like you would with a water-based treatment.

Foam Extraction

The foam extraction cleaning method is similar to the dry one, except that the solution is activated with water. This means your carpets will first need to be wetted before the foam can do its job. After the foam is applied to the wet carpet, the floors are scrubbed and then thoroughly vacuumed. You'll need to wait for your carpets to completely dry before placing furniture back into the room, but it's a great option for those who want a truly deep cleaning of their floors. 

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