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Three Pieces Of Coin Operated Laundry Equipment You Will Need (Or Want) To Open A Laundromat

by Ricardo Hart

Making the decision to open any kind of business requires a thorough investigation into everything you will need to get started quickly and easily. Laundromats are a fairly simple business venture because you do not have to staff the laundromat and the machines take all the payments and hold the money for you, but there are still important equipment that you need. Here are three pieces of coin operated laundry equipment you will need (and/or want) to open your own laundromat.

Coin-Operated Washers and Dryers

Without a doubt, you will need coin-operated washers and dryers. These are at the very heart of every laundromat business and the items that collect the most money. You can preset the machines to collect just about any amount. Since many of the modern machines are digital and/or computerized, they may also be easy to monitor from afar (repair alerts are sent to your phone, as are malfunction alerts and/or "low change" alerts). Combo machines (i.e., machines that run a complete wash and dry cycle for every load) are very popular with customers too, because they are so very convenient. You may want to invest in a couple combo machines because customers are willing to rationalize the added cost of using one of these with the convenience of not having to come back to the laundromat or stick around the laundromat to switch loads of laundry from washer to separate dryer.

Coin-Operated Detergent Dispensers

Another, smaller source of income for your business is a coin-operated detergent dispenser/vending machine. These units are quickly and easily installed in a wall, and for a price, dispense small boxes of powdered detergent, sample packs of dryer sheets, and small bottles of softener and liquid detergent. Most people who do not like lugging around full-sized bottles or boxes of laundry products, or people who find that they have another load to do and no soap, will quickly gravitate towards this machine.

Snack and Drink Machines

For customers who will actually stick around while their laundry is washing or drying, you may want to have snack and drink machines installed too. Since customers already have the coins in their pockets for laundry, they may have a few extra coins for a snack or drink that they will use for these purchases if the machines are present and usable. There are multiple types of machines you can buy and install for this purpose, including some machines that take both cash and credit or debit cards, in case your customers want a snack or drink but do not want to spare their laundry change to get it.   

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