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Three Health Benefits Of Jazz Dance Classes

by Ricardo Hart

Dance classes provide several benefits. Dance classes get you out of the house and allow you to spend time doing something you enjoy with friends that enjoy the same thing. They also provide several health benefits that are priceless. Studies have also discovered a rarely-known health benefit that comes from dance classes. The following information will make you realize the health benefits of dance classes, and may just save your life.

Physical Health Benefits

Dance classes, including jazz dance, provide a wide range of physical health benefits. This fun form of cardio helps you lose weight and keep it off. In addition to burning calories and melting fat, dance classes also help you tone up the muscle that you already have, giving you a sleeker look, and a tighter, toned body. Many people spend countless dollars and countless hours at the gym, burning up a treadmill, to achieve the results that regular dance classes can provide. And dance classes are a lot more fun. In addition to weight loss and toning, dance classes also strengthen your heart and lungs, which allows you to do more of the activities you enjoy with less stress on your body.

Mental Health Benefits

Dance classes also provide several mental health benefits. Dance classes get you out of the house and away from the stresses of the day. This will decrease your stress level in many areas of your life, beyond the time you spend at dance classes. You also get to meet other people with at least one of the same interests you have. This will allow you to expand your social circle and improve your self-esteem. Speaking of self-esteem, many participants report an increase in self-esteem from taking dance classes and mastering new dance steps and techniques. The coordination you learn at dance classes will translate over to other areas of your life, making you less clumsy and more in control of yourself and your surroundings.

Dance and Dementia

A study conducted by Stanford University shows that taking part in certain activities on a regular basis can help ward off dementia for many individuals. Reading can reduce the risk of dementia by about 35%, which is very helpful. Regular dancing, however, provided the greatest protection against dementia, giving patients a 76% reduction in the chances of developing dementia. For this reason alone, a weekly dance class can be invaluable to participants of all ages. If you are interested in dance, contact a business such as Debbie's Dance Studio.