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The Wave Of The Future: Merchants Offering Same Day Delivery

by Ricardo Hart

In today's modern world, people want things faster, and in many cases, almost instantly. With the World Wide Web in full swing where people can talk to others with just a click of a button, it's no surprise that the retail and pharmacy sector have caught on to this desire for instant gratification. Now, many retailers are offering perks like same day delivery for items without much extra cost to their customers. This demand is being met more commonly through various websites and smartphone applications, and it's dramatically changing the way people shop.

How it Works

Currently only a few major retailers offer same day delivery, and it is still being tested in many locations before it becomes a nationwide option. For those living in major cities and larger metropolitan areas, the same day delivery option tends to be available more. When a customer places an item in their virtual shopping cart and completes a purchase. they can opt to have the item delivered to them that very day. Some retailers are doing this at no extra charge, or for just a small amount more than regular shipping. If the item is in stock at a nearby warehouse. it gets boxed up and it heads out the door to be delivered. There is usually only a small window of an hour to a few hours before the item is brought directly to the customer's doorstep.

Providing an Edge

This new same day option is giving many merchants the edge over their competitors. Same day delivery is now available for some pharmacies as well, making it easier and much more convenient for people to have their prescriptions refilled. With no more waiting in line and no need to venture outside of the home, it gives retailers a big edge. This option provides the ultimate in convenience for the customer, and a leg up for the retailer to offer something extremely appealing. And although this option is most frequently available in areas with higher populations, many companies are starting to branch out this service to more suburban and even remote areas.


The way items can be delivered the same day varies from one company to the next. Some have partnered with major package carriers that can handle large volumes of these kinds of deliveries, and the merchant has a special contract or deal to allow these kinds of deliveries to occur. Others may use a private courier company or even a ride share company to handle the deliveries. By partnering with delivery companies, the merchant has developed a new business relationship that is beneficial to themselves as well as the delivery service. The option to have Internet purchases sent right to your door within the same day is an amazing way to get what you want in an extremely fast manner, all from the comfort of your own home.

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