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The Benefits Of Cremation

by Ricardo Hart

Cremation is an alternative to traditional burial that offers up a number of benefits that you cannot get when your get buried in a cemetery. Here is a list of some of the major benefits that cremation can offer you versus other funeral services.

Cremation Is Cost Effective

Cremation cost less money than a traditional burial service because there is no cemetery plot needed and you do not need to purchase a headstone. If you are comfortable without a viewing of the body then you can save additional cost by sending the body straight to cremation without the body having to be embalmed and prepared for a viewing. The savings can add up to thousands of dollars that you do not need to spend when you have used cremation. The money you save can be used to host a memorial service with friends and family that allow them a platform to grieve or remember the deceased.

Cremation Allows You To Spread The Ashes In A Location Of Your Choosing

When you go with the traditional burial then deceased is restricted to whatever cemetery plots are available at that particular time in whatever area they want to be buried in. With cremation, you can take the deceased to any area and spread their ashes in a spot that has special meaning to the person. You can spread their ashes at a cabin where they spent time with family, or you can spread them at the beach on a backdrop of a beautiful sunset. The options are limitless and you can give the deceased the chance to have their ashes in an area that has special meaning to them.

Cremation Allows You To Give The Ashes To Someone

If spreading the ashes is not something that appeals to you, then you can give the ashes of the deceased to someone in a decorative urn. The urn can then be displayed inside your home so that loved ones or family members can have the deceased close to them at all times. If there are multiple people that want a piece of the ashes, then there is jewelry that has a small amount of ashes stored inside. The jewelry can be worn on the body so that the person can take a piece of the deceased with them wherever they go.

If you have questions about cremation you can sit down with a funeral director (or someone from American Cremation Society) to go over all the options that are available to you.