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Choosing Bulbs For Your Backlit Bathroom Mirror

by Ricardo Hart

If you have a backlit mirror in your bathroom, then you have a mirror that will allow you to see yourself clearly when brushing your hair and putting on makeup. Typically, these mirrors have between two and four bulbs that sit along the edge or the base of the mirror, and you will need to change these bulbs on occasion once they burn out. It is wise to think about these bulbs carefully, so keep reading to find out what you should consider.

Bulb Color

Light bulbs emit a wide variety of colors or tones, and these tones can make a huge difference in the way your face looks when you look into your mirror. Typically, you want a tone of light that is as close to daylight as possible. This way, you will be able to see yourself the same way that others see you when you leave the house. This can be invaluable if you want to make sure that your makeup looks natural or that you have covered the blemish on your chin properly.

Light tone is measured in color temperature, and Kelvin is often used for this purpose. Light that is similar to the sun is considered bright white or blue with a Kelvin temperature of 4,600 to 6,500. If this type of light is too overwhelming to your eyes, then consider a light that is a bit warmer. A tone or temperature that is between 3,100 and 4,500 may work well for your bathroom as well. Look on light bulb packages to find the right light tone or find lights that are listed as cool white or daylight.

Bulb Type

If you intend on using your backlit mirror on a regular basis, then it is also a good idea to look for bulbs that are energy efficient. While most bulbs that are sold now are compact fluorescent lights (CFL) that are extremely energy efficient, LED lights are even more efficient. These lights are also more durable and they put off less heat, so you will not sweat when peering into your mirror. Also, LED lights are not affected by humidity as much as CFL lights are. If you enjoy hot and steamy showers, then this may mean the difference between regularly burned out bulbs and lights that stay strong for several years. 

If you do decide on the LED lights, just make sure that you look at the color rendering index of the bulbs. This index refers to the color range that the lights allow you to see. The higher the number on the index scale the better.