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Four Things You Need To Brand Your Trade Show Booth

by Ricardo Hart

Trade shows offer a great way to get your company's name and products in front of potential vendors. In order to have a successful trade show event, you'll want to focus on branding your booth so that everyone who visits remembers you and your company. Here are four essential things you need to have to show off your brand at any trade show or exhibition.

Vinyl Banner Advertising

Vinyl banners are affordable and versatile pieces of advertising for your business. Whether you place them in front of your trade show table or place them at the top of your booth's back wall, they signal to visitors your company's name and identity. Your banners should include your company name and logo. If you are unveiling a new product, consider adding an image of that item to the banner to give people a reason to enter your booth. For more information, contact Davis Sign Co. or a similar company.

Unique Promotional Giveaways

It's no secret that people who attend trade shows expect to come away with lots of free goodies. The key to making your booth stand out is to provide visitors with free items that they will use often. While other companies may be handing out pens and travel mugs, consider unique options that speak to your target customer base. If you are a tech company, consider portable power banks for charging electronic devices. Companies that promote earth-friendly products might consider reusable shopping bags or notebooks made from 100 percent recycled materials. Some other interesting options include:

  • Candies or mints
  • Beach towels
  • Umbrellas
  • Golf balls
  • First aid kits

Promotional Videos

People want to see your product in action, but your trade show booth might not have enough room to host product demonstrations for each visitor. Consider adding a large flat-screen television to your event space. This lets you show promotional videos for your products that people can see as they walk by, giving them another reason to stop and chat with you. Make sure to put the videos up on the Internet after the event so potential buyers can access them when discussing your products with their buying teams.

A Coffee Bar/Snack Bar

Instead of letting people head to a concession stand, consider transforming your booth into a free concession area. Contact local restaurants to have them cater your trade show. A coffee bar with expert baristas will help draw in traffic in the mornings, while a do-it-yourself sandwich, taco or burger bar will attract lunchtime visitors. Be sure to use cups and plates that feature your company logo to help reinforce your brand. By footing the bill for food and drink, you'll be able to network with more people who might stick around long enough to make a deal to purchase your products.