Confessions of a Compulsive Organizer

Planning Your Funeral So Others Don't Need To

by Ricardo Hart

Pre-funeral planning is the newest trend that allows you the chance to choose exactly the way you want your funeral to be held. Here are a few of the steps you will need to take to make sure that the funeral your family and friends are attending will be exactly the way you envision it.

Visit The Funeral Home

Take a visit to your local funeral home to make arrangements for how you wish your funeral to be conducted. The funeral home director will give you forms to fill out asking you questions about the type of funeral you want. You will be able to specify your wishes right down to small details, taking the burden off of your loved ones when you pass. Your funeral will be held the way you would like it to be, meaning that your family will know they are honoring your wishes.

Decide On Your Final Resting Place

One of the main points you will need to decide is whether you wish to be buried in a cemetery or be cremated. Should you decide on a traditional cemetery funeral service, you may also be interested in purchasing a plot and stone for your permanent resting area. Let the funeral director know if you have made such arrangements so it can be noted. If you decide on cremation, you may want to choose a specific spot for your loved ones to sprinkle your ashes. Let the funeral director know this information so it can be conveyed to your next of kin when you pass. 

Pick Out Funeral Specifics

You will be able to contemplate the details of your funeral right down to the music you want played. Take time to think about who your real friends are and who you would feel comfortable with speaking about you at your funeral. Select a few people who you feel fondly about who you would love to have speak in your behalf. List them on your paperwork so they can make speeches at your funeral. If you know you want someone to sing or play a musical instrument, list it on the paperwork as well. Eulogies, special performances, and speeches can all be specified so that your funeral will be held in the way you wish.

You will also be able to decide on the clothing you wear, if any special events are to be held, or if there are certain people you would rather not have at your funeral. The decision is ultimately yours and your funeral director will make sure your directions are followed correctly.

Many people will also prepay for their funeral. If you feel you want to make payments on your funeral in advance, let the funeral director know this so they can arrange for a payment plan. This will ease the burden from your family, making you feel more comfortable knowing that they will be not need to worry about the expenses after you pass away.