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3 Questions To Ask A SEO Consultant

by Ricardo Hart

If you are hiring a SEO consultant to create and boost content on your website, you'll want to see what type of clientele base that consultant has worked with, of course, since this will let you see what type of work they do and how effective it is. It's also a good idea to ask the consultant some other questions that can help you know whether they can help your site and business excel. Here are three example questions:

1. "How exactly will you improve my site's search engine rankings?"

This might be the most important question you can ask any SEO consultant. If they've been in the business a while they can tell you the specific strategies they will use. A good consultant will also be able to give you a time estimate upfront and tell you how long it may realistically take to achieve your goals. Oftentimes they'll have a proposal for you to look over which outlines their entire plan.

Make sure their plan/proposal includes content creation, technical assessments, and "on page" optimization that essentially reconfigures the coding of your site to improve links, URLs, headings, titles, and tags. A good proposal might also include "off page" strategies such as social media coverage, press releases, and blog content. The best SEO services packages include everything.

2. "Can you make my site be number 1 on the ranks?"

This question is tricky to answer. As such, it's a good question for getting an idea of how realistic and trustworthy your SEO consultant is. If the consultant promises they can make your site number 1 on popular search engine ranks, this is a red flag. Professional SEO consultants never make such guarantees because SEO itself is a practice in experimentation, trial and error, and gradual improvement. There is no such thing as a quick fix that will guarantee a huge rankings jump. A trustworthy consultant will be honest and tell you what goals are realistic for your site and why.

Also, beware of any consultant that says they work with a search engine company and/or has an insider relationship with anyone who does. Such claims are generally bogus.

3. "What happens if I end the terms of my contract?"

It's a good idea to ask this question just in case something should happen or you decide to go a different route. Look over the terms of your contract carefully and ensure there's an exit clause. Make sure there are no fees for early termination. You'll also want to be sure that no content on your site is removed if you do end up parting ways with the consultation company.

Aside from these three, big questions, make your decision based on the appropriate cost factors, time factors, and technical factors. The more you know about the SEO consultant and the company they work for, the more trust you can instill in that consultant's work.