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3 Weekly Care Tips For Your Solar Panels

by Ricardo Hart

If you have installed solar panels to create energy for your home or business, you probably love the fact that you can create your own energy in an eco-friendly way. However, you might not have thought much about the proper care and maintenance of your solar panels.

By taking good care of your solar panels, you can help them last longer without the need for repair or replacement. Plus, clean solar panels can attract more sunlight and create more energy, which means that you can get more out of them by keeping them nice and clean. Luckily, maintenance isn't as tricky as you probably think. If you follow these simple weekly care tips, it should be easy to take good care of your solar panels.

1. Remove Dirt And Debris

Dirt and debris can block sunlight, which can make it tough for your solar panels to produce energy. Dirt can also get in the way of your panels' connections and can cause other problems. Once a week, take the time to sweep away any leaves, dirt and other debris that could cause problems for your solar panels.

2. Inspect The Connections

Take a look at the connections that run to your solar panels. They should be nice and tight and should appear to be in good repair. If your connectors look worn out, you will need to replace them before they become rusty or broken. If you don't have much experience, it could be a good idea to hire a solar panel specialist to come out and inspect and repair your connectors for you if you find any issues.

3. Clean Your Panels

Depending on where you live and what types of elements your solar panels are exposed to, you may need to clean your solar panels as frequently as once a week. After gently sweeping away any dirt that might have accumulated on your panels, you can use soapy water -- which can be made from a simple solution of dishwashing liquid and water -- and a long-handled, soft-bristled brush to clean your panels, similarly to how you would clean a car. If you don't have the time or know-how, or if your solar panels are installed in a place where they are hard to reach, you can also hire a solar panel cleaning company like Sunshine Solutions to help you.

As you can see, weekly maintenance for your solar panels isn't as tough as you probably think. If you follow these three tips, you can keep your solar panels in clean and good condition for a long time to come.