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Model Home Perfect: The Right Furniture For Your New Home

by Ricardo Hart

If you have ever walked through the model home of a new development or toured a furnished apartment, you have probably noticed the luxurious furniture that is often displayed in those places. Builders and management companies want you to get an idea of how a room will look with furniture in it, so they find pieces that look nice, and arrange them attractively in the room. There is just one problem. Your furniture probably looks nothing like what they have on display. However, did you know that it could?

They Rent, You Own

The furniture that is used to stage homes is often rented by those who are trying to sell the home. These rental companies also have showrooms across the United States, where the previously rented furniture is sold at a discounted price. In some cases, you may even be able to buy the furniture directly when you purchase the home. This becomes a win-win situation. The builder or realtor sells you the home, and you get the furniture for a discount.

Buy the Right Pieces

When you walk through a model home, one of the key things that you notice is that things fit in the room. They are neither too large nor too small, and there is little wasted space. If you are trying to recreate the look of the model home furniture, bring a camera, a notepad, and a measuring tape. Measure the rug, the chairs, and all of the other furniture in the room. Take pictures of individual pieces, as well as of rooms as a whole. This will help you to get a better sense of how big the furniture needs to be for each room. For example, if you notice that the master bedroom has a four-poster, king-sized bed, and your current master bed is only a queen, it is going to look quite a bit smaller in the room. By taking the sizes of the furniture into account, you can make sure that you are buying pieces that will look nice in your new home.

Look for Specialized Stores

Most furniture stores offer many different furniture arrangements, but they are so close together that it is hard to visualize what the furniture will look like when it gets into your home. Instead of going to a regular furniture store, try looking for a model home furniture showroom. These type of stores have small model rooms that give you a better idea of what your new furniture will look like when it is placed inside your new home.

Having the perfect furniture in your new home is easier than you think. By following these simple tips, you can furnish your home like a professional. Talk to experts like Consignment Furniture Warehouse of Fort Myers Inc for more information.