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4 Tips For Saving Money When Hiring A Professional Printer

by Ricardo Hart

Using professional printing services can be smart for a few reasons. It's a great way to cut down on the need for costly printing equipment and its routine maintenance and repair, for example. Plus, you can have professionally-done papers, signs and more made for your business without having to learn how to make these things yourself.

However, you might think that hiring a professional printing company is expensive, and you should know that the costs can really add up. Luckily, following these simple tips can help you save money while still enjoying the benefits of hiring one of these services.

1. Opt for Cheaper Paper

When you are having things like flyers and newsletters printed for your company, you should consider asking for a lighter-weight paper. Although you may want to use heavier paper for more important things, choosing cheaper paper can be one of the easiest ways to cut costs on large-scale printing operations.

2. Have Everything Printed at Once

Many printing companies will offer you a bulk discount, and the rate that you get will go down with the more copies of things that you order. Therefore, it's better to have all of your materials printed at once rather than making multiple trips throughout the month, and you may find that you'll save a lot of money by having a lot of copies of certain materials -- such as employee handbooks, for example -- done at once rather than separately.

3. Opt for Black and White

Unless you truly need color on your printed materials -- such as materials that are used for advertising purposes -- then you should consider opting for black and white instead. Many companies charge significantly less to print papers and other materials in just black and white, and the savings can be significant if you are having a lot of things printed. In situations where only a few things would be in color anyway -- such as the logo at the top of the page -- then this can really make a lot of sense.

4. Go a Little Smaller

When having signs and other printed materials made, consider asking to have them made just one size smaller than what you were planning on. In many cases, this can add up to substantial savings without really making a difference.

Hiring a printing company can seem costly, but it doesn't have to be. If you keep these tips in mind when hiring a professional printer like America North Printers, you can save a surprising amount of money.