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3 Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

by Ricardo Hart

Packing away your belongings and putting them into storage is an ideal way to create more space in your home without parting with your belongings. You can simply have them sitting at your secure and accessible storage unit when you are ready to start using them again. Although your storage unit is secure against weather conditions, you may be worried about pests coming into your storage unit and invading your belongings. You do not have to worry very much about that, because there are simple steps that you can take to humanely and inexpensively deal with pets in your storage unit. Here are three ways to keep pests out of your self storage unit. 

Store your textiles and clothes in sealed plastic containers.

Insects and arachnids tend to freak a lot of people out, and they are certainly not welcome visitors when it comes to your storage unit! In order to keep them from invading your textiles and clothes, make sure that you pack them away in sealed plastic containers. Airtight containers provide a barrier that creepy crawly critters cannot cross. Plastic containers are also a good candidate for your storage unit because they are easy to stack, making them efficient space savers when it comes to packing away your belongings. 

Use sweet smelling natural alternatives for mothballs.

Mothballs are effective at keeping moths from chewing on your clothes, but they are also very smelly and can cause allergic reactions. An alternative to mothballs is cedar chips. These sweet smelling wood chips can be hung with your clothes or put into bins to keep moths away. You can also use small packets of lavender to deter moths from entering your storage unit. Whatever alternative to mothballs you choose, you can be sure that your storage unit will be moth free and also smell very good. 

Charcoal briquettes keep rodents out of your storage unit.

Turn to charcoal briquettes as a humane way to keep mice out of your storage unit. You do not need to worry about mice nibbling on your belongings, creating scratches and holes in your furniture and clothes. Simply place a bucket of charcoal briquettes near the entrance of your storage unit. Mice do not like the scent of charcoal and are instantly turned away. As an added bonus, you do not need to deal with the grisly sight of a dead mouse caught in a deadly trap.

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