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How To Hem A Vinyl Banner

by Ricardo Hart

If the hem has come out of a vinyl banner your business uses, instead of purchasing a new one, you can hem it back up. There are four different ways you can do this. When you are finished, your banner will be like new again.


You can purchase a glue for vinyl banners that you can use to hem your banner. Lay the banner flat on a table. Use a two-inch wide ruler and lay it along the edge of the banner. Draw a straight line using the ruler two inches from the edge. When you finish drawing the line, spread the vinyl glue inside of the line out to the edge. Fold it over one inch up to the line you drew, and then use a rubber roller to rub over the glue until it is secure.

Hemming Tape

There is double-sided hemming tape you can purchase to hem your banner, and this is probably the easiest way to do it. Use the same method as above, but instead of using glue, lay the hemming tape along the line you drew. When the tape is down, peel off the backing paper, fold over the material, and then press the material together using the rubber roller. This tape can hold up to extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Industrial Sewing Machine

An industrial sewing machine works well at hemming vinyl banners. If you do not have one of these machines, you can purchase them at most stores that sell sewing machines or online. This sewing machine is typically fitted with a double foot, which allows you to use it to sew parallel stitching.

If you have never used this type of sewing machine before, it takes practice to be able to hem an inch of the vinyl fabric using a straight seam. Practice on other materials until you feel comfortable doing it.

Heat Welded Seam

Another method you can use to hem a vinyl banner is the heat-welded seam. This method does require special equipment, however. There are two types of heat welders/seamers. The first one moves along the edge of the vinyl material, and the other moves the banner through the hem welder.  If you have never used this type of equipment, follow the owner's manual carefully, which should include full instructions.

Choose the method above that you are most comfortable with. No matter which one you choose, you will end up with a perfectly hemmed banner. If you don't feel comfortable trying to repair a banner on your own, talk to a company like Divine Signs Inc. for help.