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Three Custom Sign Ideas To Help You Advertise Your Business

by Ricardo Hart

A smart, eye-catching sign is one of the best methods you can use to advertise your business.  Consumers are always out there, and it's your job to create a sign that makes them take notice.  While you may certainly choose to go with the traditional sign that is restricted to a rectangular box that has the name of your business in it, there are other sign ideas that may serve as even more potent forms of advertising.  Use this information to learn more about custom signs that you can use to get the word out about your business.

Monument Signs Show Class

A monument sign is crafted out of stone or brick and has an inset where the name of your business is displayed.  Although this type of sign is commonly seen outside of subdivisions, where the name of the neighborhood is shown, it can be an elegant and tasteful way for you to advertise your business.

Depending on the size of the monument sign that you select, you can place the monument on a street corner that is adjacent to your building.  This is especially effective if your facility happens to be located in a crowded shopping center that features many other vendors.  You can add even more class to the monument sign by installing a backlight, which allows the name of your business to be illuminated with color.

Vehicle Wraps Help You Get The Word Out

Wrapping your vehicle with a sign that prominently advertises your business is a great way to bring in clientele that may not have known about the products and services that you offer.  When you wrap your vehicle, you are essentially advertising your company every time you leave the house.  Select bold colors for your vehicle wrap so that people won't be able to miss it!

Awning Graphics Are Multi-Purpose

Awnings don't have to simply be devices that protect customers from bad weather.  You can turn your awning into a beautiful sign that grabs the attention of those passing by.  Whether you select a cloth awning, or go for a more sturdy material such as steel, a qualified sign company can add advertising information to the awning so that people within the vicinity of your business can readily get company contact information. 

Your custom sign options are virtually limitless, so don't limit yourself to traditional rules.  Use these ideas to help you develop a custom sign that brings in the money. Talk to a professional like Signs In One Day for more ideas.