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3 Ways Self Storage Units Increase Efficiency During Peak Business Production Times

by Ricardo Hart

It's best to build your business slowly with incremental growth and investment but that doesn't mean you have to pass up major orders until you're perfectly set up for larger production runs. Here are 3 ways onsite self storage units can help you maintain and increase efficiency as you meet new business challenges:

1) Onsite self storage units increase production capability.

Self storage units provide your company with additional space to store the equipment, raw materials and product packaging you will need during unusually high manufacturing periods. By allowing you to quickly access key materials without delay, the units increase your efficiency and agility during peak operations.

Raw materials are securely and safely stored in the lockable self storage units, reducing losses due to theft. The secure storage also increases employee safety in the case of potentially toxic or otherwise dangerous ingredients.

Since the units also free up facility space that would otherwise be devoted to materials storage, workflow is more streamlined and efficient inside your plant.

Start up companies can benefit from utilizing storage units as they build up their client bases. There's no need when you use storage units to invest in larger buildings until your business is ready.

2) Self storage units are perfect for storing final products.

As long as the units can be maintained with advisable climate controls for your finished products, you can confidently store completed production runs in self storage units.

Not only will self storage of finished products help you keep track of larger runs, you decrease the risk of portions of larger runs being siphoned off to meet smaller runs.

The finished packages are safe from theft, impact damage and environmental contamination, while individual runs of products can be more easily tracked and located.

Partially assembled components and unneeded equipment can also be temporarily stored in the units in the case of temporary line changes. When you're ready to change back over, there will be no mad scramble to find what you need to resume the former operations.

3) The units are easily transported.

You may be able to work out transport to your customers through the self storage unit supplier, further streamlining your plant-to-customer system.

Units can be quickly moved around on your property to meet changing storage needs and to provide better logistics.

The containers are easy to load and unload and hold consistent dimensions of products, so you can easily estimate how many units you'll need for any application.

If you're facing a larger than average production run, talk to a self storage unit provider today to learn about all of the ways these small containers can mean big savings and success for your growing operations. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.