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Decorating Your Entry Door For The Holidays

by Ricardo Hart

Decorating your front door for the upcoming holiday is a great way to show your Christmas spirit. Many people will decorate their front porches with Christmas lights, and having a decorated door is a great accompaniment. Here are a few ideas that you can use for decorating your own entry door this holiday.

A Big Present

Measure the front of your door and cut out a piece of foil colored wrapping paper in the same dimension. You can tape this piece of wrapping paper to the front of your door using double-sided tape, or you could tack it to the door if you are not afraid of a few holes. Use another color wrapping paper to make a plus sign pattern on the face of the door, covering the foil wrapping paper. Use a large bow to place in the middle of the door, at the center of the plus sign. You can make a pretend tag out of a large piece of white paper, and stick it on the package. 

Candy Cane Wreath

A wreath made out of candy canes is a neat decoration to adorn upon your front door instead of a traditional evergreen wreath. You can make one from using full-sized wrapped candy canes. Glue two candy canes front to front so that they make a long heart shape when you look at them. You can dab glue on the tip of the hook and at the bottom of the cane. Do this for eleven sets. Then, take the candy canes and glue the sets together back to back,  to make a circular pattern.You will use 22 candy canes in all. You can tie the back to back canes together at the middles with red ribbon if you want some extra support. You can simply hang the wreath from a hook.

A Winter Scene

Use a large piece of blue wrapping paper to cover the door. Take cotton balls and glue them all over the top portion of the door way to represent snowflakes. Use snips of paper or cloth to glue to the bottom portion, making whatever scenery you wish, such as a Santa, a snowman or a sled scene. Take some small jingle bells and glue them to the paper at the top corners of your door so that when it is opened, you will get an extra surprise. This can be a fun project for the kids!