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Finding The Perfect Nursing Home For Your Loved One

by Ricardo Hart

There are a lot of nursing homes you can pick from when it's time to get your loved one around the clock care, but there are important things you need to look for to make sure you make the best choice. You'll want to make sure that you meet with people that are already using the facility, that you check background information about the facility, and that you know what professionals are going to be working with your loved one.

Ask for References                    

Ask if you can get at least two written references from people that are currently using the facility, or that have parents or loved one at the facility. Ask if you talk with existing residents or family members of existing residents. This can help you see what problems other people have had, what they like about the establishment, and it may help you decide if you want, or don't want to use the facility.

Check Records

Look to see if there are health code violations outstanding with the facility, or if the nursing home has been cited for having a lot of previous health code violations in the past. This can help you determine if the facility focuses on cleanliness and sanitation, or you may see that they don't put safety as a priority.

 You may find that they have had problems in the past with meeting state requirements. Ask the company how they have changed, and what changes are currently being enforced to make sure that they don't get infractions again.

Ask about Skilled Nursing

What types of people are staffed at the facility? A skilled nursing facility doesn't just have nurse's assistants to help with the residents, but actual registered licensed practical nurses that are capable of giving the residents the care that they need. You want to know that your loved one can get the care that they need when they need it, and that they don't have to wait for another medical professional to get there.

You want to feel confident when you leave your loved one and walk out the door of the facility, that your loved one is going to be cared for properly and with care. You want them to feel safe, you want them to feel comfortable, and you have to find a facility that has the medical staff to meet all of your loved ones needs. Take your time and find the best facility.

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